European Championship Sand Sculpting 2019 in Zandvoort aan Zee

From the 8th of July until the 14th of July, the 8th edition of the European Championship Sand Sculpting will be held in the seaside village of Zandvoort aan Zee. Six renowned artists from Ireland, Czech Republic, Spain, Russia, Ukraine and the Netherlands will each create an impressive sand sculpture. The general theme for this years edition is “75 Years of Freedom“. This theme commemorates the end of the 2nd World War 75 years ago, but the Freedom theme encompasses much more than this historic fact. The fight for freedom is still ongoing and lifes are still sacrifised every day. We all aim for a peaceful world to let people live in freedom. Freedom of speech, sexual orientation, religion, and movement are issues which are under threat in many parts of Europe and the rest of the world. Only by joint forces we can go against the prejudice and dogmas, which determine the happiness of many.  Alle these factors are sources of inspration for the artists to create a freedom monument, entirely based on their thoughts and believes. Together we can achieve more and together we can fight the threats which stand in the way of true freedom.

The sand sculptures can be visited free of charge until the end of October 2019

Welcome to the European Championship Sand Sculpture 2019

 In 2018, the general theme of the European Championship Sand Sculpting in Zandvoort aan Zee is “Leonardo da Vinci”

The Sand Sculpture Route is an initiative of the World Sand Sculpting Academy, the participating municipality and sponsors.

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