Welcome to the Sand Sculpture Route 2017

In 2016 Noordwijk and Zandvoort aan Zee are the two municipalities participating in the Sand Sculpture Route. Every year the themes of the sand sculptures are chosen locally.

The sand sculptures in Noordwijk will commemorate the celebration of Noordwijk 150 Years Beach Resort.  And in 2016, the general theme of the European Championship Sand Sculpting in Zandvoort aan Zee is “Icons of Amsterdam”, to emphasize the strong bond between Zandvoort as “Amsterdam Beach” and the City of Amsterdam.

The Sand Sculpture Route is an initiative of the World Sand Sculpting Academy, the participating municipalities and sponsors.

European Championship Sand Sculpting 2017 in Zandvoort aan Zee

From the 30th of July until the 5th of August, the fifth edition of the European Championship Sand Sculpting will be held in the seaside village Zandvoort aan Zee. Six renowned artists from six different European countries will each create an impressive sand sculpture. The main theme will be “Icons of Amsterdam”. Each contestant will interpret a sub theme in a sand sculpture, like Rembrandt, Vermeer, Architecture from Amsterdam, the Concertgebouw and Concertgebouw Orchestre, the Free Spirit and Tolerance of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Zoo Artis

The sand sculptures can be visited free of charge until the end of October 2016

Apart from these 6 competing sculptures, and extra sculpture will be created, depicting art from various famous museums in the Netherlands.

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