European Championship Sand Sculpting 2020 in Zandvoort aan Zee

Despite the postponement of the European Championship Sand Sculptures in July, it has been decided to have the European Championship take place, from 12 to 18 October next. For the 9th time, the European Sand Sculpture Championship will take place in Zandvoort. You can follow the match via this livestream

The European Championship in Zandvoort aan Zee in 2020 is all about “Zandvoort goes wild”. This year there are again 6 artists at the Championship, but due to the Corona restrictions and for safety reasons, the organization has decided not to allow participants to fly in from other European countries, but to choose from sand artists living in the Netherlands with various nationalities.

The central theme on which the artists will base their sculpture is “Zandvoort goes Wild”. They can interpret this as they see fit and develop it into a work of art. The artworks can be viewed at various locations in Zandvoort aan Zee.

The competition will take place from 12 to 18 October 2020. During this period you can see the artists at work as they shape their sand creation. The Sand Sculpture Route is an initiative of the World Sand Sculpting Academy, in close collaboration with Zandvoort aan Zee, Province of North Holland, Holland Casino and sponsors.

The sand sculptures can be viewed free of charge to the public until mid-February 2021.

 In 2020, the general theme of the European Championship Sand Sculpting in Zandvoort aan Zee is “Zandvoort goes Wild”

The Sand Sculpture Route is an initiative of the World Sand Sculpting Academy, the participating municipality and sponsors.

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